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BabyTrim ™ Electric Nail Trimmer (Pain Free)


One of the biggest challenges for parents is cutting their children's nails safely! The fear of hurting your baby while nail trimming is a feeling that all parents face. The BabyTrim ™ Electric Nail Trimmer could be the answer to your prayers.

The Electric Nail Trimmer is easy to use and portable. It comes with a case, making it convenient to be carried anywhere and used whenever needed.

The Electric Nail Trimmer comes with 6 different heads for each stage of your child's development. Yellow for 0-3 months, pink for 4-12 months, blue for 12+ months, metal & white for nail polishing and cylindrical grinding head for adults.


  • Easy to use - The last thing parents need is another hard to use gadget! That's why the BabyTrim™ is made with a one-button design so you can hold it comfortable in one hand. Simply attach your chosen nail file and turn it on.
  • Portable - Whether your on vacation, at the park or visiting Grandma's house, BabyTrim™ comes with a case and won't take up much room in a travel bag!
  • Quiet Motor & LED Light -  A whisper-quiet motor with a LED light! You can trim their nails while they're sleeping without them ever knowing.
  • Made for Developing Babies -  BabyTrim comes with 6 different heads. Yellow  for 0-3 months, Pink for 4-12 months, Blue for 12+ months & Metal & White for nail polishing. There is also a cylindrical grinding head for adults.

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